Eat to Meet in Pakhuis de Zwijger

20 december speciale feestelijke editie met ongedocumenteerden & Amsterdammers.

Eat to Meet is a dinner where (new) Amsterdammers can meet each other. The last couple of years Amsterdam has welcomed many new residents. Join this 20th edition of our informal Eat to Meet dinner where you get the chance to meet (new) Amsterdammers. This edition is focused on the importance of having solidarity with undocumented refugees in relation to the International day of Human solidarity.

Together with Amsterdam City Rights we invite initiatives, politicians, locals and newcomers to get to know each other and look for new ways and practises of solidarity. Join us this evening to learn which issues play in the city and how we as a city can be in solidarity with undocumented refugees and newcomers. Because together we can change the city’s solidarity. Expect an evening with wonderful stories, music, dance, and speeches.

Live muziek door Shishani Vranckx en Orchestre Partout. Locals betalen € 20,-.

Aanmelden via de website: